Bloodletters Podcast, Episode Zero: “Counting From Ten”

After years of having just a few of my stories available on this site, and years of performing my stories for enthusiastic audiences at Halloween and at science-fiction conventions, and years of having my more geographically-distant fans ask when or if I was ever going to record any of my readings so they could hear them — I’m going to bow to the inevitable, and start podcasting. Hope you enjoy it.

Jack shoved his chair back, stood, backed away, turned at the last minute and carefully did not run down the hallway to the bathroom. He walked, and raided his medicine cabinet for gauze, alcohol, tape, anything that looked useful.

He came back, led Tommy over to the kitchen sink, and carefully pulled the bandages off.

Tommy’s right hand had only the ring finger and thumb left.


Why “Episode Zero?”  Because this isn’t actually an episode of this podcast — this is episode number nine of Pseudopod, the horror podcast zine, and it features the title story from my anthology, Counting From Ten. As host Mur Lafferty says, this one’s a “grisly little story,” so be warned ….

The reader here is podcaster J.C. Hutchins, and I have to say he really nailed it — the character voices sound just the way they did in my head, and he had a great sense for the pacing and mood.  Since this story came out, I’ve read a lot of what Hutchins has to say about podcasting, and those words lit a fire under me to get started podcasting here on my own.  So that’s two drinks I owe him now.

If you have comments on this story, please visit its page on Pseudopod and leave me some feedback there.