Hand me that brick

Oh dear sweet Lord, look at this thing:

There was a wild period — roughly 520 million years ago — when life, for no obvious reason, burst into a crazy display of weird new fantastic forms — producing creatures in shapes never seen before or since. Consider this animal, the newest fossil discovery from Jianni Liu in China. She calls it “the walking cactus.”

Cactus Walking On 20 Legs Found In China

I’m kind of amazed at the strength of the atavistic reaction I had to looking at that picture, and imagining it walking around.  The reaction was something like OH GOD OH GOD FIND A BIG ROCK KILL IT KILL IT

I just have to say, the timing of this is kind of weird for me, since I just started reading H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness for the first time yesterday, which of course starts with scientists finding weird fossils. Then I read this first thing in the morning, and I’m like, “Really? Really, world? Why you gotta mess with me like that?”

(At the Mountains of Madness is, in fact, the very first book I’m reading on my new Kindle, but more about that later.)