Don Quixote versus the Pirates

I’ve seen so many arguments about book piracy — both for it and against it.  In the end, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that it just flat out doesn’t matter whether you think book piracy is wrong or right, the point is, it exists, and no amount of yelling about it on the Internet is going to make it go away.  Or, as Paul Raven puts it:

That is what you’re up against. That is someone upon whom you’re attempting to use rational persuasion and logic in order to convince them that they shouldn’t copy your books and give them away for free.

Technological measures will only be seen by these people as an intellectual challenge.

Reasoned arguments will wither under the blowlamp of their own spurious logical framework.

You cannot defeat these people. Every attempt to do so will be seen as a validation of their efforts, not a discouragement.

Yes, this is the Robin Hood Complex in action. So stop playing Sheriff of Nottingham and focus on winning over the people who really matter: the people who might have bought your book if it were available to them conveniently at a price they consider reasonable.

Seriously, people, give it up; you’re tilting at windmills. No, it’s worse than that: you’re tilting at windmill tilters.

This is why trying to prevent book piracy is utterly futile (Futurismic)

(This is a subject I’ve been doing a hell of a lot of thinking about, and you’re going to be hearing about it from me for quite a while to come.  Just so you’re warned.)