Read an E-book Week!

I had no idea there was an official week for e-books, but there is, and we’re in it!  (I also didn’t realize that e-books have been around for forty years!)

To mark the occasion, Smashwords is having a sitewide promotion — you can get a ton of e-books at deep discounts.  Including mine — between now and March 12th, you can get my short story collection, Slices,” for just $1.50. I mean, that’s almost ridiculous.  What can you get for $1.50 these days?  Nothing, that’s what.  You can’t even get a cup of coffee.  If you dropped a dollar-fifty’s worth of change, you’d just glance at it half-heartedly and keep walking.

What I’m saying is, if you haven’t already grabbed a copy, now’s a great time to download it.  Just use the code “RAE50” when you check out.