The Great Kindle Swindle

…. Holy yikes.  Just saw this posted at Making Light:

“S.K.S. Perry is a Canadian writer. He had a hard time getting an agent interested in his novel, Darkside, so he posted it on his web page.

A couple of weeks ago someone suggested that he put it on Kindle as an e-book. He thought that was an excellent idea. Someone else agreed: To his surprise he found that person already had. He posted about this on his LiveJournal on March 30 (two days ago), and since then has found that Amazon doesn’t care.”

Making Light: Fence Your Stolen Content at

The situation has gotten both better and worse since Making Light posted about it — Perry writes:

“First the good news: I received offical notice from Amazon’s Copyright Agent today that they were taking down the stolen version of Darkside.

Now the bad new: they took all the reviews you nice folks wrote about how that copy was stolen, and applied them to the legitimate copy!”

Good Lord, what a nightmare. These are clearly the early days of self-publishing, and there are definitely some growing pains and kinks to be worked out.  I hope Amazon can figure out how to get some better copyright safeguards in place pretty quickly, and I really hope they get Perry’s specific situation sorted out even sooner.  My heart really goes out to him.