Arthur Conan Doyle’s First Novel to be Published

I was pretty damn excited to see this:

[…]  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s first novel, The Narrative of John Smith, is about to be published for the first time this fall. The novel was reconstructed by Doyle after it was lost in the mail, but was never finished.

Man, I thought — a “new” book by the man who brought the world Sherlock Holmes?  And Professor Challenger?  That’s amazing!  What’s it about?

The Narrative of John Smith is about a man, John Smith, reflecting on life, politics and religion, after he is bedridden because of gout.

Previously Unpublished Conan Doyle Novel to be Published

Ummm.  …. No, really, that sounds great. I’m sure it’s the most riveting story about an introspective, bed-ridden, gout-stricken man ever. I can’t wait for the movie version.  *laughs*