Seriously? “If Stephen King Had Read This Book …. ”

Now, I’ll admit, I’m as big an advocate of the self-publishing revolution as the next guy.  And a little hyperbole in support of The Cause doesn’t really phase me — I tend to just smile at the writer’s enthusiasm and move on.

But this particular little gem made my mouth drop open in disbelief.  In a review of a new book about self-publishing:

Stephen King’s advice to writers has always been to stop reading books about writing and to just begin writing. Excellent advice when authors were still discovered by big publishing houses and social media possibilities were just ideas. Not so today. There’s competition. There’s…one hundred and one excuses for not finishing that novel, or if you’ve finished, not working to get it out there.

The strength of this guide is that all of the authors are experienced writers, who have worked within a community of other indie writers and shared that experience. Perhaps most important, is that they’ve learned to work the social media route through their own trial and error, and they’ve become saavy enough to know how to give advice and take others step by step through what is necessary to succeed. [….]

And I can’t help but think that if Stephen King had read this book, he wouldn’t have had to spend so many years waiting to be discovered, but would have just gone out there and made it happen. His advice still stands though, and the authors must agree. So stop reading about writing already, and just WRITE!

No-Nonsense Guide To Self-Publishing Offers No More Excuses for Indie Authors – Chicago Culture & Events |

…. Yeah.  That poor Stephen King.  If he’d had all the social media advantages we have today, if he’d been able to just go out there and make it happen — man, maybe he really coulda been somebody.