“25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore”

Ever since I was little, I wanted to work in a bookstore — or better still, own my own bookstore.  They were always magical places to me, used bookstores especially, all those books with all their histories, lined up and quietly gathering dust and patiently waiting to be taken home and loved.

The older I get, the less likely it is that it will happen someday, I suppose.  (Even putting aside the question of how much longer we’re going to have “bookstores.”)

But, well, living vicariously is what being a reader is all about — and this charming little list of lessons learned gave me a chance to do just that, and gave me a smile and a warm glow:

1.  People are getting rid of bookshelves.  Treat the money you budgeted for shelving as found money.  Go to garage sales and cruise the curbs.

2.  While you’re drafting that business plan, cut your projected profits in half.  People are getting rid of bookshelves.

[….] 18.  People use whatever is close at hand for bookmarks–toothpicks, photographs, kleenex, and the very ocassional fifty dollar bill, which will keep you leafing through books way beyond the point where it’s pr0ductive.

[….] 21.  A surprising number of people will think you’ve read every book in the store and will keep pulling out volumes and asking you what this one is about.  These are the people who leave without buying a book, so it’s time to have some fun.  Make up plots.

25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore