"Zombies Don't Run, Vampires Don't Sparkle"

“Zombies Don’t Run, Vampires Don’t Sparkle”

Oh, hey, look what I just found while I was doing a Google search for “Michael Montoure”1 — it’s the audio from one of the panels I was on at Crypticon back in May!   The panel was called “Zombies Can’t Run & Vampires Don’t Sparkle: The Psychology of Why We Argue Over What Fictional Things Can Or Can’t Do”, with myself, Derek M. KochEloise J. KnappJake StrattonChris Saint, and Steve Holetz. (That’s me on the right there, in my fetching Friday the 13th hockey jersey.)

The audio from the panel is included as part of an episode of a podcast called Mail Order Zombie. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole episode yet, but the audio from the panel starts at 54 minutes and 13 seconds in.

This was a damn entertaining panel to be on — everyone on it was sharp, witty, and passionate and well-informed about the genre. (And yes, I am humbly including myself in that description.) Thought-provoking and funny stuff.

Go give it a listen: Mail Order Zombie #186 – Dust, Don Coscarelli & another Crypitcon panel (plus music by H2Awesome!)

1. What? Oh, come on, it’s not like you never Google yourself. There’s nothing wrong with it, so long as you do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.