Places to Announce Your Free E-Book

Places to Announce Your Free E-Book

Oh, hey, here’s the post that I’ve been promising you ever since I ran my last e-book giveaway at the end of January. From everything I’ve read, the best way to reach a wide audience with a giveaway like that one is to submit the details to websites that promotes free e-books, preferably as many of them as possible.

Several of these sites will allow you to list your book giveaway for free; however, they usually don’t guarantee placement, and may not list your book if they don’t have sufficient space. Some of the sites offer free listings, but with an optional paid upgrade to guarantee that your book will be promoted on the right day. Other sites offer paid listings only. So if you’re going to do this, be sure you  read each site’s guidelines carefully before you submit.

Also, pay careful attention to the lead time required by each site. Some sites want you to submit your details at least one month before your book is scheduled to be free; other sites only want to be informed about book giveaways on the day they happen.

Here’s my list of these websites. I know I submitted Permanent Damage to most of these, but I couldn’t tell you off-hand which ones; some of them I found and bookmarked after that. But here’s what I’ve got so far. Wherever possible, I’ve linked directly to the guidelines or the submission form.

There are also a bunch of Twitter accounts that post about free e-books, and you might have some success contacting them by direct message or posting publicly at them about your giveaway. Here’s the list of the ones I’ve found.

  • @4FreeKindleBook
  • @Bookyrnextread
  • @DigitalBkToday
  • @DigitalBkToday
  • @Freebookdeal
  • @freebookpromos
  • @freebooksy
  • @FreeKindleStuff
  • @FreeReadFeed
  • @FreeReadFeed
  • @free_kindle
  • @IndAuthorSucess
  • @Kindlbookreview
  • @KindleBlaze
  • @KindleBookBlast
  • @KindleBookKing
  • @KindleDaily
  • @KindleDE
  • @kindleebooks
  • @kindleebooks
  • @KindleEbooksUK
  • @KindleEbooksUK
  • @KindleES
  • @KindleFireDept
  • @Kindlefreebies
  • @kindlefreebook
  • @KindleFreeBook
  • @KindleFreeBooks
  • @KindleFreeStuff
  • @KindleKing
  • @Kindlestuff
  • @KindleSurprise
  • @KindleUK
  • @KindleUpdates
  • @KindleUS
  • @Kindle_Max
  • @kindle_mojo
  • @Kindle_promo