Post-Crypticon Recap

Once again, Crypticon Seattle  was a blast. This has really become one of my “can’t-miss” events. If you’re a horror fan in the greater Seattle area, I hope you were there, and if not, you really should try to make it next year!

I was about ten minutes late for my first panel, which actually means I was doing way better than last year — last year, I was running too late to make it to my first panel at all. Somehow, it apparently never occurs to me that there just might be traffic on Memorial Day weekend.

 But, better late than never. 2012: The Year in Horror Movies with Mark Rahner and Chris Fred was a really fun panel to start my weekend with, even though we rapidly came to the conclusion that 2012 was honestly really kind of a lousy year for horror movies, with Cabin in the Woods, John Dies at the End and the Evil Dead remake being the only notable standout exceptions. (Things we’re so done with: found footage movies, movies that start off strong with a creepy atmosphere but end up showing you way too much.)

Up next was The History of Horror Comics and Freedom of Speech with Kelly Young ,and with Kate Lynch and Aron Tarbuck, the owners of The Dreaming Comics and Games, who really could probably could’ve handled the whole panel themselves. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, and we really had just so much material to cover that it easily could’ve been two panels — one on the rise and fall of horror comics in the 50s and 60s, and one on their return in the 70s and the state of the industry today. I don’t really think this panel got a big enough audience to warrant suggesting that next year, though.

After that, I went and had some dinner at 13 Coins, and came back and watched some short films until I was ready to call it a night.

My first panel on Saturday was Horror in Doctor Who with Aron Tarbuck and Peter Clines. This was the panel I’d really been looking forward to. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan (not to mention a published Doctor Who author), so being asked to talk about my two favorite subjects was a huge treat. I was even more excited when I realized Aron was going to be on the panel — I’ve known him for years, and he and I have had many long and involved conversations about the show. We had a large and enthusiastic turnout for this one, reminding me again that my once obscure hobby has reached a level of popularity that continues to delight and amaze me.

Later that evening we had Horror’s Unique Expressions in Comics with Steven J HoletzKelly YoungChris Fred, Kate Merriwether LynchAron Tarbuck, and Svetlana Fedotov. This was better attended than the previous day’s comics panel, and it gave us a chance talk about a broader range of topics.

late that night I got to see a screening of two local independent films: Motivational Growth and Sader Ridge.

Motivational Growth was fantastic – all the weirdness of a David Lynch movie with all the manic energy paranoia of Fight Club, plus the always awesome Jeffrey Combs as the voice of a talking mold. What more could you want?

I’d really been looking forward to Sader Ridge, largely because it stars , who is also one of the stars of my web series CAUSALITY, which is in postproduction now. Trin was great to work with and put in a fantastic performance, so I definitely wanted to see what she was like playing a totally different character.

She was terrific, and so is the film — a good, solid, long slow creepy burn, with a clever script and some great performances.

Seeing these films meant I didn’t get home until three in the morning — where I proceeded to stay up for another hour playing on the Internet. What the hell is wrong with me?

I did manage to make it back to the convention on Sunday in time to see Joe Bob Briggs interviewed by Anthony James Kay, which was highly entertaining. I think this kind of panel format is really more interesting and in-depth than a general audience Q&A session, and I’d like to see more local conventions adopt it.

My last panel of the weekend was Female Heroes in Horror with Anthony James KayDara DaveyEileen DietzM. NessK, Ronnie Angel, and Svetlana Fedotov. This was a great panel, and I tell you all about  it, but someone actually filmed it, and has promised to put up on YouTube, so I’m just going to post that here when they do.

Such a fun weekend. Can’t wait to go back.