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Look – I know how it is. I hear you out there, saying, “Montoure, your online presence enlightens and enriches us all. But it’s not enough! I want to see you with my own eyes! I want to hear your mellifluous voice, with its stentorian tones and distinctive vowel sounds, with my very own ears! I want to stand uncomfortably close to you.”

Okay, that – that escalated quickly. Never mind. The point is, for the convenience of all my stalkers out there, I wanted to hip you jive cats to my groove, as I’m pretty sure the kids are saying these days. That’s right – I’m actually leaving my cave and braving the daylight world, and here’s where you can find me, wandering around and blinking at blurry objects in confusion.

For starters, I’m going to be a panelist at RustyCon, which starts – well, today, actually. (No, that’s not much notice. Look, I never said I was good at this.) Here’s my panel schedule:

British Media
Sat Jan 18 11:00:am – Salon H
Going beyond Doctor Who, what other British shows are out there, and are they any good?

Joss Whedon & His Universes
Sat Jan 18 4:00:pm – Everett
Come discuss the Universes of Joss Whedon and listen to our panelists give their views on him (and his universes).

Humor in Writing? No, Never!
Sat Jan 18 5:00:pm – Salon I
Join several authors as they celebrate the best of bad writing advice, humorous rewrites, copy-editing quirks, and other funny moments in the world of writing. Caveat: Do not follow the advice, but feel free to laugh! (This panel will poke lighthearted fun at itself, the writing industry, and probably whatever else the panelists can think of to make the all-ages attendees laugh.)

Doctor Who-What
Sat Jan 18 6:00:pm – Salon H
What is coming down the pipe for the 12th doctor, speculation and everything we can dig up.

Sun Jan 19 1:00:pm – Salon F
We like to think that our fandom is diverse and inclusive but notions like “fake geek girls” and events in the recent past like ReaderCon and PAX Prime illuminate the cracks in the facade. Join us to brain storm ways in which we can make fandom more welcoming.

Next up, I’m going to be down in Los Angeles for the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention, on February 14th through the 16th. I’m not going to be doing any panels or readings or anything – I’m just going to be there, running around being a huge dork. If you’re there and you happen to see me, come say hi. I’m really nice! Forget what those other people told you.

Finally, I’m going to be doing another reading at Wayward Coffeehouse, on Friday, February 21st, at 8:00 PM. Click on the banner below to RSVP to the event on Facebook:



That’s about it for now. Hope to see you soon!

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An unreliable narrator, MICHAEL MONTOURE ( montoure@bloodletters.com ) is an indie writer of horror and dark urban fantasy. His obsessions include hidden truths, secret dealings, and the changing and fragile nature of our own pasts. He is known as much for his spoken-word performances of his fiction at Seattle coffeehouses and conventions as for the stories themselves. Currently working as a writer and producer of the webseries Causality, he lives alone with a gray cat by the edge of Echo Lake, Washington. ( Twitter / Facebook / Google+ )
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