Horror Films You've Never Seen, Writing, and Vampires — Come Stalk Me At Crypticon Seattle This Weekend!

Horror Films You’ve Never Seen, Writing, and Vampires — Come Stalk Me At Crypticon Seattle This Weekend!

Look out! What’s that sneaking up behind you? Why, it looks like it’s another Crypticon, Seattle’s very own horror convention! And once again, I will be returning as a panelist, and if you’re going to be there, you should totally come to my panels, and if you’re not going to be there, then fine, I see how you are. Here are the deets:


PNW Horror Appreciation and Friendship Society
5PM Columbia A
“Come hang out with your fellow FB group folks. Say hi to old friends, and meet some new ones. There might be cookies!”

Kick-Ass Horror Films You’ve Never Seen
9PM Columbia A
“Are you sick to death of all the tired remakes and endless sequels? Come join this panel and unearth a world of great horror films that have slipped through the cracks! From old films to new ones, creepy to funny, disturbing to gory splatterfests! There is something for every kind of genre film fan!”


Writing Horror: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Rocking the Story
5PM Columbia A
“No. Do NOT write that story about the mugging victim who turns out to be a vampire/werewolf /demon /serial killer. It seems like every story has been told and retold a thousand times, so how do you create something new? What makes for a good plot? How do you make your characters believable and not cliches?” (I’m the moderator of this one!)

Sparkly Vampires and PG-13 Horror: Genre-killing Crap or Horror Gateway Drug?
9PM Horizon
“OK, most horror fans can’t stand Twilight, and a lot of hardcore gore-hounds sneer at PG-13 horror films. But is it possible they’re influencing the next generation to become horror fans? Or are they just dead-end money machines?”

I look forward to Crypticon every year, natch, for the fun panels, great dealer’s room, advance film screenings, and hanging out with the friends I’ve made there in past years. But this year I’m especially looking forward to it, because I’m bringing Jennifer Lovely, my co-host on the horror movie podcast Don’t Read the Latin! (Which we’ve been doing for a whole year now, so if you haven’t checked that out, you really should!)

You might notice I have no panels scheduled for Sunday; I’ll still be around early on, but will be taking off in time to catch the 4:00pm showing of Valley of the Sasquatch at SIFF. I’ve enjoyed John Portanova’s previous work on The Invoking and The Device, so I can’t wait to check out his feature debut as a director.