So This Is A New Post, I Guess

So This Is A New Post, I Guess

How much have I been ignoring this website, you ask? Here’s how much:

I’ve been aware for months now that some errant outdated WordPress plugin was barfing errors all over the pages here. Various people have mentioned this to me, and some weird combination of anxiety and apathy have kept me from actually doing anything about it. I finally just did, because one more person mentioned it, and that was apparently the threshold I needed to reach to tip me over into action. (Thanks, @darkmane.)

So, hey there, long time no see, huh? What, you may well ask, the hell is going on with me?

Hard to say. Part of it, sure, is still the same issues I mentioned in my last post (which was, Jesus, seven months ago). Part of it is that my burgeoning indie writing career hasn’t been much on my mind for a while — which is why I haven’t been doing any real new writing, or any real promotion, and that’s why my Amazon sales have more-or-less flatlined. So, therefore, my website where I’m MICHAEL MONTOURE, WRITER, has kind of fallen off my radar.

I don’t know. I mean, it’s not like I’ve stopped thinking of myself as a writer — I haven’t lost my touch, I wrote some new stories for my Halloween reading last year and they were very, very well-received. It’s just been kind of backburnered for a while? I intend to get back to it. At some point.

In the meantime, my creative energy has been going to other things. Don’t Read the Latin, my horror movie podcast with Jennifer Lovely, is still going strong (new episode goes up tomorrow morning!). Post-production has re-started on my webseries, Causality, and I’m getting back into my work on that. I’m continuing pre-production work on that Doctor Who fan film I mentioned finishing the script for, and if you want to keep up on news for that project, sign up for the mailing list at the creatively-named Doctor Who Fan Film Project website. (Maybe my future is in indie filmmaking rather than as an indie novelist? It could be. We shall see.)

Oh, and my last excuse — pardon me, I meant perfectly valid reason — for neglecting this poor little website is that having a website of my own just doesn’t seem as relevant any more? I’ve had this blog since 1999, but it’s been so seductively easy in recent years to confine my online communication to social media, despite the lack of ownership and ephemeral nature of such sites. Less effort to go where the people are instead of trying to get them to come here. Also, I’m just tired of looking at this site — the design seems hopelessly outdated (and certainly not very mobile-friendly). I’ve started a brand new blog layout from scratch, but . . . I haven’t touched that in months, either.

So that’s where we are. My efforts have been a little scattered, but I’m still fighting the good fight. You haven’t seen the last of me yet.