Umm, Sorry For Unleashing a Sudden Wave of Zombie WordPress Posts

Umm, Sorry For Unleashing a Sudden Wave of Zombie WordPress Posts

So I’ve been spending the past few days doing a long-overdue massive overhaul of my website Bloodletters. Installing and customizing a new theme so the site actually looks good on mobile devices, adding new plug-ins, deleting old ones I don’t use anymore, things like that. I am, in fact, still hip-deep in middle of all this work, so if you’re looking at the site right now and something seems hinky, that would probably be why. Just ignore it for now, things should settle down in a few days.

While I was at it, I thought, “I know, why don’t I go through my old posts and get rid of a few things that aren’t relevant anymore?” You know, announcements of limited time offers that had long since passed, invitations to “upcoming” events that weren’t so much up-and-coming as dead-and-buried at this point, and so on.

So I moved a bunch of these posts to the Trash, and then thought, “wellll, maybe I don’t want to get rid of them — maybe I just want to mark them as Private instead so only I can see them.” So I restored all of these posts and then started to do just that.

Then I moved on to other things, got up to get coffee, and noticed that my phone had popped up a notification of a Twitter mention:

I read that and thought, “What? What is he talking about — ?”

And then I had this sudden sinking feeling, and ran back to my computer.

Sure enough — once all those old posts had been moved back to “Published” status, something somewhere in WordPress’s tiny little nine-volt brain decided that meant that I had just now published them and that they were brand new! So it fired them all off to my connected social media accounts.

Yes. The exact same outdated posts I had figured that no one would be interested in anymore suddenly got spammed all over my Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. Cleanup on Aisle Six. I wanted these posts to just quietly go away. This is literally the opposite of what I wanted.

I then had to go through and tediously remove each one of those social media posts one at a time — because of course none of these sites have bulk management tools, who would need that?

I think I got everything. [EDIT: No, wait, I forgot about Google Plus. I just deleted those posts, as well. I’d like to apologize to my Google Plus followers. Both of them.]

Sorry for the confusion, everyone. And, umm, welcome to the mostly-finished new version of Bloodletters? Yaaay?

This is why I drink. Well — it’s one of the reasons.


(P.S. — If I remember right, it was also @darkmane who called my attention to the error messages that were showing up on this site a while back, too. Thanks again, man. At this point I owe you a free book or something.)