Books by Michael Montoure

still-life-bookandkindle“STILL LIFE”

With the suicide of her best friend, burned-out rock star Nikki Velvet came face-to-face with death, and she’d do anything not to face it again. When a mysterious stranger offers her immortality, she believes she’s found what she’s been searching for, but it’s nothing like she’s imagined …. Read more »

cf10-bookandkindle“COUNTING FROM TEN”

Duelists play out an ancient game, while children worship at new altars. A little girl’s imaginary friend is her new father’s worst enemy. The most unusual appetites are satisfied. A killer finds his needs can be met for a price, and a thief pays his final debt, one finger at a time …. Read more »


An imagined disease spreads across a city. A fading horror movie star crafts his replacement. Two thieves wait for rescue at the end of the world. Human monsters are put to their final tests. Time stands still in fairy circles, loops in on itself for a runaway child, and can be rewritten in the pages of a book …. Read more »

permdam-bookandkindle“PERMANENT DAMAGE”

A dead woman’s offspring must face the legacy she left them. A child who can raise the dead unlocks a secret world of others just like him, and a man who finds blood coming through his ceiling learns that not all problems go away by themselves. The dead have their unfinished business — but can they be trusted? …. Read more »


Exclusive to subscribers of the Bloodletters Announcements List! A sampler of three short stories from the previous anthologies, plus a bonus novella not available anywhere else. Subscribe now for your free copy! …. Read more »

Other books with stories by Michael Montoure

“The schoolboy whose twin brother vanished in the night. A woman whose house teems with alien refugees. The dad who dies every evening. People who’ve lost jobs and loved ones, or seen their homes destroyed, or found themselves on whole other planets. They’ve nothing in common with one another except that their lives can never be the same. Because they’re people who’ve met the Doctor …. ”
Edited by Simon Guerrier »

“A series of four short stories which explore the erotic world of Bloodfetish – the sharing of blood and violence. These are not your typical vampire stories, but span the range of monsters and other lovelies.”
Edited by Diana Trees »

“The impulse to collect springs from deep within the human psyche. Squi
rrels gather acorns, rats collect shiny things, but only humans assign meaning to the objects they collect. Detritus is a collection of stories about the impulse to collect, preserve, and display gone horribly wrong.”
Edited by Kate Jonez and S.S. Michaels »