Stories: Short fiction by Michael Montoure

Short Fiction

Q: “What draws you to the short story as a form? As a writer of horror and dark fantasy, what are the advantages of writing shorts as opposed to novel length works?”

A: “Horror is such a concentrated emotion that I think it works better in short, sharp shocks. You can take a relatively simple idea, a few clear images, and express them in a very direct way. I think the short story lets you take more risks — and puts your characters at more risk, as well. Novels rarely kill everyone. Whereas in a short story, you have no idea who’s safe, or if anyone is. Also, in a short story, it’s all right to leave the reader with questions, to not explain or explore all of its dark corners completely, which I think can create a wonderful sense of unease …. ”

Michael Montoure, interviewed by Elizabeth Twist

Short Stories for Kindle

Counterclockwise“COUNTERCLOCKWISE” — A childhood tragedy left James marked, leaving him with the power to see into “dead time” — the sights and sounds of people and places long since gone — and with a debt he can never repay. Unless he can change everything …. $0.99 – Download Now »

Feeding the Flesh“FEEDING THE FLESH” — A SHADOW MARKET STORY — Former Senator Jonathan Eldridge is a connoisseur of the rarest meats, from the flesh of endangered animals to those thought to be mythical. He’d thought he’d seen every cut the Shadow Market has to offer — until now …. $0.99 – Download Now »

A Game of Cities“A GAME OF CITIES”— Frank had walked away from the Games years ago, and wanted nothing more than a quiet life, no thoughts in his head except his own — but the past has a way of catching up to you …. $0.99 – Download Now »

Lost Boy“LOST BOY”— Andrew ran away to The Woods to be alone, to live however he wanted. Instead, he found the brother he’d never had, which was so much better than being alone — and so much more dangerous …. $0.99 – Download Now »

Lullaby for Two Voices“LULLABY FOR TWO VOICES”— Sarah loves her two twins, bright and laughing Josh and dark and troubled Kyle, more than anything in the world — but the day that she will have to pay the price for their strange birth is coming ever closer …. $0.99 – Download Now »

One Last Sunset“ONE LAST SUNSET”— Faded rock star Nikki Velvet has faced death, with the suicide of her best friend, and she wants no part of it. She thinks she’s found the path to immortality — but it’s nothing like she’s imagined …. $0.99 – Download Now »

Puppets“PUPPETS”— A SHADOW MARKET STORY — Will makes a very good living selling animates — dolls and figures, spellbound with a spark that mimics life. He’s never been asked to track down the same doll twice before — but if he can’t, it will be the end of his career, and possibly his life …. $0.99 – Download Now »

Remake“REMAKE”— In his heyday, audiences called Franz Joseph the “Angel of Fear.” Long-retired, half-forgotten, his most famous film is about to be remade, but the Angel of Fear has some ideas of his own …. $0.99 – Download Now »

The Thirteenth Boy“THE THIRTEENTH BOY”— Johnny Lee Edwards has killed a dozen young men, and the papers are calling him a monster. If he has his way, Timothy will be the thirteenth — but Timothy has met monsters before …. $0.99 – Download Now »

Watch the Coin“WATCH THE COIN”— As boys, Tomcat and his friends managed to get away with five hundred thousand in cash. One of them agreed to hold it tight and secret, chained to his wrist, and he hid away in a fairy circle, due to emerge from it in seven years time. For him, only a moment will seem to have passed — if everything goes according to plan …. $0.99 – Download Now »